In the middle of it all, Holy Name never stopped.

Holy Name was at the epicenter of the pandemic in New Jersey, and at the forefront of treating patients. But that's just part of the story.

To most, it felt like the world stopped because of COVID, but to patients like the ones pictured above – their health challenges continued. Each day folks were battling cancer, managing difficult MS symptoms, and struggling just to walk 17 feet. Their medical problems didn't wait for COVID to be over. And Holy Name didn't wait to treat them.

Our nurses and doctors provided an unprecedented level of compassion and expertise during a time of so much uncertainty and unrelenting pressure in their own lives. And because of that dedication, elective surgeries continued, cancer was caught early, and families welcomed new members. This place was different before and during the pandemic. Today, it is still different.

Read below to learn how Holy Name showed up for all patients during the pandemic.