We didn't just treat MS.

We treated Adrian.

When Adrian Wilkins was 28, he was diagnosed with MS. The symptoms appeared once when he was in college six years earlier, but disappeared as quickly as they surfaced. But once they reappeared, they intensified for the next two years. The episodes would last for seven days and then completely go away. Against medical advice, he stopped taking his medication and focused on eating right and managing his stress, the latter of which caused more violent episodes.

However, after a couple of cross-country moves, Adrian found himself in New Jersey, and his episodes were stronger than ever. He researched neurologists that specialize in MS and found Dr. David Duncan, a doctor at the MS Center at Holy Name Medical Center. Dr. Duncan and his team took the time to get to know Adrian outside of his diagnosis. They put him on a strict diet, exercise regimen and medication schedule.

In July 2016, Dr. Duncan told Adrian that his disease was in a form of remission. It was news that Adrian never dreamed he'd hear, and he cried tears of joy upon hearing it. Adrian is keeping his stress down and exercising, but he really credits Dr. Duncan with his recovery. "I had a very smart neurologist in California, but Dr. Duncan is brilliant."