We didn't just deliver her baby.

We did it Anastasia's way.

When Anastasia Stachura found out she was pregnant, it was the best Christmas gift she could have received. But searching for the right hospital to give birth at was a bit more complicated. She heard horror stories from all her friends about being pushed into C-sections, with a level of care and attention that left them scared and confused. Lucky for Anastasia, she found Holy Name.

Anastasia's obstetrician, Dr. Lucy Tovmasian, reassured her that her wish to have a vaginal birth wasn't falling on deaf ears. Being pregnant for the first time, Anastasia had lots of questions, and the doctors and nurses sat with her to answer every single one of them, never making her feel like a burden. Anastasia said talking to her doctor was like talking to a best friend. She felt so much more comfortable and cared for than she could have imagined.

Due to intense sciatica, Anastasia was bedridden at the end of her pregnancy and then had to be induced. Holy Name's attentive doctor and nursing staff remained by her side throughout the whole process. They even provided a nurse for Anastasia's squeamish husband when he fainted in the delivery room. The delivery itself was smooth as could be, and the new parents could not have been happier – both with their perfect new son, the vaginal birth and the amazing treatment they received.