We didn't just speak Mr. Kim's language.

We understood his culture.

Chan Kim went for a routine colonoscopy only to discover that there was a pre-malignant growth in his colon. He quickly scheduled surgery and had the growth removed at a Bergen County hospital. But as Mr. Kim later found out, the physician erroneously removed only a section of the growth, and not the whole thing. What's more, the botched procedure left Mr. Kim needing a colostomy bag for five months to collect his digested food.

Several years after his second surgery – to repair his intestine and remove the bag – Mr. Kim had a follow-up colonoscopy and found out he had a suspicious growth again. This time, he turned to Dr. Yang at Holy Name, who discovered that a part of the initial tumor had been left behind and was now cancerous. Dr. Yang performed a complicated surgery to remove it, this time in its entirety, and did it without Mr. Kim needing a colostomy bag. No further treatment was necessary and Mr. Kim is now cancer-free.