Another cancer center treated her like a number.

We treated Dana like a friend.

Dana Calbi's first instinct was to head to one of the big, famous New York medical centers for her ovarian cancer treatment. The problem is that many massive hospitals have so many teams operating independently from one another that it's easy for patients with specific needs to fall through the cracks. After a malfunctioning port was implanted in her side, causing her pain and preventing her from getting the best type of chemo treatment for ovarian cancer, Dana left.

Dana came to Holy Name and Dr. Sharyn Lewin gave her the precise treatment she needed. She removed the faulty port and conducted a lengthy surgery to make sure the abdominal chemotherapy would have its best chance at success. Dana felt a level of care, understanding and dedication that isn't possible anywhere but at Holy Name, and she credits that extra level of care with helping her beat cancer.

Today, Dana maintains an active and engaged lifestyle with her husband in Montclair. When she was first diagnosed, she felt her energy and her capabilities slipping away. Now, cancer is comfortably in the rearview mirror, and Holy Name's dedicated team made it all possible.