When she felt like giving up,

we helped Deyka pull through.

Deyka Torres was living life to the fullest, as a wife, mother of three and teacher. At 37, she was preparing for her oldest son to leave for college when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Upon her doctor's recommendation, she turned to Holy Name to come up with a treatment plan.

The first thing Dr. Maria Schiavone, a gynecological oncologist, did was reassure Deyka that everything would be okay. She was confident in her ability to get Deyka healthy, and knew that instilling that confidence in her patient was half the battle. There were dark moments, of course. Some days she would get in her car after treatment and cry hysterically. But her dedicated team of doctors helped Deyka push through until she came out of treatment, cancer free.

Deyka said, "If you have to get cancer, Holy Name is the place you want to be. From the people at the front desk to the chemo nurses, everyone is there and ready to attend to your every need."

She also credits Dr. Schiavone with always putting in the extra time to make her feel reassured and help her understand what was happening to her body. As hard as it was, the experience was an inspiration to help others undergoing treatment. Deyka Torres still has more life to live.