We didn't just choose her.

Dr. Raval chose us.

Having done her residency at Northwestern University and a fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Zankhana Raval could have gone anywhere to start her career. She chose Holy Name Medical Center.

Dr. Raval says that Holy Name's commitment to innovation and emerging medical technology allows her to do her job and fulfill her passion in a way that wouldn't be possible anywhere else. She credits Holy Name's commitment to compassionate care for a culture of camaraderie among the medical staff that translates to more seamless care for Holy Name's patients. Everybody is so congenial and happy to be where they are and doing what they’re doing, Dr. Raval says. It's the kind of place some people stay 30 years, because why would they go anywhere else?

Dr. Raval didn't want to just be part of a medical staff. She wanted to be part of a family. For her, Holy Name Medical Center truly is a different kind of hospital. There’s nowhere else in the world she'd rather be doing what she loves.