First we listened to Jane.

Then we treated her.

When Jane Martinez was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she went to the hospital all of her friends recommended and was immediately blown away by how beautiful and well put together it was. However, when she began meeting with doctors and finding out their plans, she felt something lacking.

The doctors talked to her about cancer, but never about her cancer. They spoke about options, but not about her options. They didn't ask the right questions, so it never felt as if they had the right answers. Jane wanted the option of having a second child, and needed a second opinion.

So, she went to Holy Name where she had a completely different experience. Dr. Sharyn Lewin asked the right questions, didn't hide the truth and educated Jane about what was happening in her body. In the end, Jane was given more options because Holy Name took the time to understand her specific circumstances, not just offer a generalized diagnosis and solution that might fit any cancer patient.

Jane credits Holy Name's staff for hearing what was important to her, always exuding positivity and keeping her spirits raised. And she is grateful for Cancer Support Community at Holy Name for getting her back to feeling like herself when the whole ordeal was finally over. She came to Holy Name and never looked back, and now she can look forward to a bright and healthy future.