We weren't just her medical staff.

We were Laura's teammates.

At the age of 51, Laura Ayala had been playing softball for 42 years, and she wasn't about to let breast cancer stop her in her tracks. Good thing Laura is one of the many patients who get regular mammograms, and caught her cancer while it was still in stage 1.

Chemotherapy and the loss of her hair was hard on her, but she credits Holy Name's compassionate staff for going beyond just her treatment plan. They kept her calm, answered all her questions, and with constant words of encouragement and empowerment, they made a scary and trying ordeal as comfortable as possible.

Two weeks after her last round of chemo treatment, she was back doing what she loves. On the softball field, in the playoffs no less, getting back to the way life was before cancer ever reared its ugly head. And Holy Name made it all possible.