We didn't just treat Laura's illness.

We gave her faith in medicine.

Laura Mack didn't have much faith in modern medicine, and rarely visited the doctor. But when she lost 25 pounds over two months and still had a belly as big as her pregnant sister's, she knew she needed to find out what was wrong. So she went to Dr. Sharyn Lewin at Holy Name.

Dr. Lewin discovered an ovarian tumor that was about 12 centimeters in diameter. But Dr. Lewin knew exactly how to deliver the news and make Laura feel comfortable. She was upfront and direct about the scenarios, best case and worst case. She helped Laura understand why a total hysterectomy was necessary, even though Laura could never imagine having any organs removed.

Laura has been cancer free for nearly four years and has a good prognosis. She credits Holy Name with keeping her comfortable, answering her questions and being there for her the whole way. In the end, her illness inspired a new lease on life and a newfound faith in modern medicine.