We didn't just take her pain away.

We gave Leslie her life back.

Leslie Ferrier was 41 when she was diagnosed with MS. The first few doctors who initially diagnosed her gave her little hope for managing the disease, and ultimately left her feeling so depressed she was planning her own suicide. Her husband suggested they attend a local meeting about current MS drugs on the market. There she asked one of the leaders of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society who the best doctor was for treating MS.

Leslie was told to contact Dr. Mary Ann Picone, the Medical Director at Holy Name Medical's MS Center, and she did the next day. She spent over two hours talking with staff members and then Dr. Picone. The team listened to all of Leslie's fears and symptoms. Dr. Picone gave Leslie the first expression of empathy and hope she needed from a doctor: Leslie didn't have to quit her job, or her life.

After trying multiple drugs and suffering terrible side effects, Leslie made it to fall of 2012, when a new pill was available — and the side effects were minimal. Six years later, she's working as a VP of Human Resources for an international restaurant group. And while she has some tough days, she also has some very good ones. Dr. Picone saved her life — literally.