We didn't just give Margaret an opinion.

We gave her a solution.

When Margaret Murray was a freshman in high school, she collided with a teammate during a basketball game, causing a severe concussion. It took about nine months to feel like herself, but she had developed debilitating migraines that occurred every two days. Two years later, she still didn't remember anything about the game after getting hit and the headaches persisted. Each new doctor she visited had a different diagnosis, but no one had an effective treatment plan.

That is, until her pediatrician recommended Dr. James Charles, a neurologist at Holy Name Medical Center and a renowned specialist in migraines. He asked questions that other doctors didn't, even ones that seem irrelevant to Margaret's headaches. However, the answers led to a simple diagnosis: Margaret's brain circuitry basically needed to be reset to stop the migraines.

By the second morning of the infusion medication, a treatment used to interrupt the pain pathway, the pain was gone. Margaret is now flourishing in college, living virtually pain free. She’s thrilled to have her life back, and thankful to Dr. Charles and the team at Holy Name for making her feel like herself again.